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I like to watch. And I like to masturbate. I only like some people though.

My name is Amy. im Wunderlandian. I am a scavenger. I came from the foreign land. I may refer to myself as an alien. This is true. I enjoy human interaction. I am gathering human slaves.Congratulations on finding me. And for the doubters out there I will say.if you were my pet,you'd be less dead. I dance in a support group for a hockey team. I'm a cheerleader =))) Do you wanna watch me dancing? ))

In the partner I like a nice well-groomed appearance, muscled body and certainly a big. My desire to try a threesome, as well as with a mulatto or black guys.

Almost all of poses are favourite. At most, I give preference, when the partner is behind. I have lots of outfits and I love role playing;)

I love pulling and sucking my nipples. Slapping my ass and face. Pulling my hair.

Im still trying to make the whole mom and daughter thing happen with someone. Bondage is my second favorite fantasy. I want to be tied up have to watch or be teased. Third would have to be having sex in public places. Fourth would be total domination.


Giving or receiving oral sex while I'm driving - that's what excites me the most.

a much needed whore

a much needed whore